The Gila County Attorney’s Office offers adoption assistance to all residents of Gila County.

General information for adoptive parents:

Pre-certification:  Pre-certification is a statutory requirement for non-related adoption.  The pre-certification process must be completed by an adoption agency or approved officer of the Court before an application for adoption may be accepted.  All costs for pre-certification are the responsibility of the adoptive parents.

Consent of Natural Parent(s):  If written consent for the adoption is not provided by the natural parents or parental rights have not been previously severed, it may be necessary for the adoptive parents to contact a private attorney concerning the severance of parental rights.

Home Study:  If a home study is required by the Court in a relative adoption, the adoptive parents will be required to hire an agency to complete the study and are responsible for all related costs. This is a requirement for all adoptions, unless waived by the Court in certain relative adoptions. 

Final adoption hearing: The final adoption hearing is generally conducted 60 to 180 days after the filing of the petition to adopt. This hearing may be scheduled in either Globe or Payson at the convenience of the adoptive parents.

To obtain an information packet with further details regarding the adoption process, please contact the Gila County Attorney’s Office in Globe at (928) 402-8633.