Zoning Applications

The Zoning Ordinance provides the opportunity to change or deviate from the current regulations utilizing three different formats.

  1. Applications that require Board of Supervisors and Commission review.
  2. Applications that require the Board of Adjustment review.
  3. Applications that require Administrative Review only.

All zoning applications require a pre-application meeting with Gila County Zoning Planner.

                                Pre-Application Meeting Form 

 Planning and Zoning Commission Review/Board of Supervisors Review:

  1. Rezoning Process                                      (Application Packet)
  2. Conditional Use Permit                               (Application Packet)
  3. Preliminary Plat Subdivisions                      (Preliminary Plat Form)
  4. Final Plat Subdivisions                                (Final Plat Form)
  5. Comprehensive Plan Amendment               (Application Form)
  6. Mobile Home or RV Park Development       (Application Form)

 Board of Adjustments Review:

  1. Variance Application and Prodedures

  Administrative Review:

  1. Use Permit Application and Procedures                                   
  2. Temporary Use Permit Process                                          (Application Form)
  3. Administrative Variance Application and Procedures                
  4. Minor Land Division Process                                              (Application Form)
  5. Development Plan Application and Procedures                                          

                                            2019 Planning & Zoning Calendar
                     2020 Planning & Zoning Calendar

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