Water Wells

Private Water Wells

Anyone who wishes to drill, deepen or modify any Water Well, must first contact a licensed well driller who will perform the work and assist in completing a “Notice Of Intent” (Well NOI) application from Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR).  Forms may be obtained at any ADWR office, ADWR’s Web site, or at the Gila County Wastewater Division.  

The map on the application should show all the septic systems in the vicinity and include legible instructions on how to reach the property.  The property should be clearly marked/staked as to the well placement.  If a key or combination is required to access the property, please make sure arrangements are made with the Wastewater Department.

Each Well NOI form must be accompanied by a filing fee Fee Schedule . Once the application and appropriate fees are submitted to the Wastewater Department, a staff member will review the NOI.  The application must specify to drill a well for domestic use on a parcel of land five (5) acres or less in size.

A Wastewater Division staff member will visit the proposed well site to verify that it is at least 100 feet away from any part of any septic system.  After the site inspection has been made, the Wastewater Division staff will then forward the application to ADWR for final evaluation and approval.

At the end of the ADWR review, ADWR will send written notice granting or denying the drilling authority.  If the drilling authority is granted, the drilling card will be mailed directly to the drilling firm. This authority is valid for one year from the date ADWR received the Well NOI form.

Well Abandonment

ADWR regulates the abandonment of wells in Arizona.  ADWR rules require that well abandonment be accomplished “through filling or sealing the well so as to prevent the well, including the annular space outside the casing, from being a channel allowing the vertical movement of water.”  The rules also require the filing of a pre-abandonment notice with ADWR (unless the well is a new well being abandoned in the course of drilling the well) and the filing of post-abandonment reports.

The Well Abandonment Handbook provides a step-by-step guide to the abandonment of a well in a manner that complies with ADWR rules.  The handbook can be found on ADWR's website, www.azwater.gov.

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