Community Development Department

 Providing an Essential Service

Community Development continues to offer the same services as before:  including building and septic plan review, building and septic system permits, soil testing, building and septic inspections, floodplain permits, grading and drainage permits, zoning applications, and taking action on code enforcement complaints.  Due to COVID-19 we are asking anyone needing the services of Community Development to call us first and we will make every effort to provide information applications, permitting forms, issue the permits and take permit fee payments over the phone or the internet.   If we cannot handle your needs via phone or internet, we will schedule an appointment.  “Office access by appointment only when necessary” will help to minimize the probability of COVID-19 transmission.  It is our goal to provide you the service you need by phone or email so that the need for you to make an appointment may not be necessary.    
Call first so we can assist you: Payson – 928-474-9276; Globe – 928-402-8513


Thank you for your understanding and patience and we apologize for any inconvenience.  


95% of the land within Gila County is under federal control. This provides vast expanses of wilderness areas and the opportunity to become familiar with the Apache Indian culture.

The Community Development Department has the responsibility of overseeing how development occurs within the unincorporated areas of Gila County.  This is accomplished through the coordinated efforts of four divisions.

  1. Building Safety
  2. Code Enforcement
  3. Planning and Zoning
  4. Wastewater

Gila County Zoning Ordinance (Last updated 11-05-19)

 Gila County Building Code Ordinance # 2017-02

Community Development Division
745 N. Rose Mofford Way Globe, AZ.  85501
608 E. Hwy 260 Payson, AZ 85541

Randy Pluimer - Director

        Globe Office                   Payson Office
Phone:  (928) 402-4224        (928) 474-9276
Fax:     (928) 425-0829          (928) 474-0802

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