Frequently Asked Questions

How do I file a complaint?

Call the Gila County Code Compliance Division in

 Globe call (928) 402-8513
Complaint Form

What constitutes a violation?

Any use of land that conflicts with the Gila County Community Development Codes in which the promotion and protection of the public health, safety, convenience and general welfare is not served. Allegations of a violation can be a very serious matter.

What is not a  code violation?

It is important to distinguish the difference between real violations and non-violations. Examples of what is NOT a violation include:

  • Violations of C C & R's
  • Excessive barking of dogs at large refer to the Sheriff's Office or the Animal Control Officer
  • Weeds in the ditch along the roadway should be maintaied by the property owner or reported to the Public Works Department.
  • Social nuisances and noisy activities should be reported to the Gila County Sheriff's Office
  • Ugly or unattractive automobiles, trucks and recreational vehicles that are registered
  • Violations within the boundaries of an incorporated city or town are the responsibility of that jurisdiction.

What happens when someone is in violation of the development codes?

Depending on what the violation is, a person with a code enforcement violation may be contacted by staff and asked to voluntarily correct the violation. They may be notified of the specific violation and given a time frame in which to comply. For a complete description of the process see the page entitled "Complaint Process."

Does the Community Development Department  release the name of the complaining party?

Information provided by the complainants may become public record, depending if the case is brought before the hearing officer.

What happens when someone refuses to comply with the development codes?

When someone refuses to comply the Code Compliance Officer will issue a Notice of Violation and schedule a civil hearing with the Hearing Officer for Gila County. There is also the option of filing criminal charges.

If you receive a Notice of Violation, or a Summons what will happen?

Upon receipt of the Notice of Violation or a Summons you  should contact the Code Enforcement Inspector who is assigned the case and sent you the notice to discuss the violation and what options are available for bringing the property into compliance.







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