Advisory and Appeals Board

Arizona Revised Statute §11-862 provides for an advisory board. The building codes provide for an appeals board. Both functions are fulfilled through the establishment of the Advisory & Appeals Board. The qualifications, duties and terms of the Board are outlined in statute and Section 4 of the Gila County Building Code Ordinance. 

The purpose of the Advisory & Appeals Board is to hear and decide appeals of orders, decisions, or determinations made by the Building Official relative to the application and interpretation of the Building Code and to determine the suitability of alternative materials and construction methods. The Board also provides technical advice to the Building Official to assist in the formation and adoption of revisions or amendments to the Building Code and the Building Code Ordinance.

 The members of the Gila County Building Safety Advisory & Appeals Board are:

                                                          Bob O’Connor, Chairman--HVAC Contractor

Jim Dooley-- Public Representative

Walter Del Campo--Electrical Contractor

Bruce Binkley—Architect


Perry Schaal--Plumber 

Clint Miller--Architect

 The date, time, location and agenda of each meeting is posted at least 7 days prior.




Randy Pluimer, Chief Building Official

Gila County Community Development

 608 E Highway 260

 Payson, AZ 85541 928-474-9276