Boards and Commissions

 Board of Adjustment                                                                   Members

Arizona Revised Statute 11-816 mandates that there shall be a board of adjustment in each county.  The board of adjustment may:

        B.1.  Interpret the zoning ordinance if the meaning of any word, phrase or section is in doubt, if there is  dispute between the appellant and enforcing officer or if the location of a district boundary is in doubt. 2.  Allow a variance from the terms of the ordinance if, owning to peculiar conditions, a strict    interpretation would work an unnecessary hardship and if in granting the variance the general intent and purposes of the zoning ordinance will be preserved. 3.  If authorized by the board of supervisors, review decisions by a hearing officer who hears and determines zoning violations pursuant to section 11-815 and render a final decision.  Subsections C and D of this section do not apply to this paragraph.  Judicial review of the final decision by the board of adjustment shall be pursuant to title 12, chapter 7, article 6.

Appeals to the board of adjustment may be taken by any person who feels that there is an error or doubt in the interpretation of the ordinance or that due to unusual circumstances attaching to the person's property an unnecessary hardship is being inflicted on the person.  The appeal shall state whether it is a plea for an interpretation or a variance and the grounds for the appeal.  Any person aggrieved in any manner by an action of a board of adjustment may appeal within thirty days to the superior court, and the matter shall be heard de novo.



Planning & Zoning Commission                                                   Members     

Arizona Revised Statutes 11-802 provides for a planning and zoning commission.  The planning and zoning commission shall act in an advisory capacity to the board of supervisors and report/recommend in connection with any matter relating to the development of the county under the jurisdiction of the board. 

Counties having three supervisorial districts shall consist of nine members who shall be qualified electors of the county.  Three members shall be appointed from each supervisorial district by the supervisor from that district, and not more than one of the three may be a resident of an incorporated municipality.  Members of the commission shall serve without compensation except for reasonable travel expenses.





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