Weatherization Assistance Program is a service offered by Gila County. The purpose of weatherization is to make the homes of low-income Gila County residents healthier, safer, more comfortable and more energy efficient. This program operates through various funding sources. The Arizona Department of Commerce/Energy Office provides the base funding support for our programs. Other funding sources include: ADES/Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program; Arizona Public Service Company; Arizona Department of Housing/Housing Trust Fund; Southwest Gas Corporation; PGCSC Older Americans Act; Freeport Mc Moran.

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Evaporative cooling tips for longer cooler life:
- Clean and re-coat/oil parts and install new pads prior to starting your cooler for the summer
- Run 1 gallon of white vinegar through the cooler at least twice during the season to help reduce lime/hard water build-up
- Put a capful of fabric softener in the cooler water at least once a week to help soften the water, or purchase products      specifically for this purpose at your local hardware store
- Make sure there is enough airflow in the house to keep cooler motor from over working (open several windows). To test:  open your front door; if there is a lot of resistence, then your airflow is inadequate.
- Drain and cover your cooler, as well as the water line, at the end of every season

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