You may apply for the 2020 Widows/Widowers or Disability Exemption, as well as the Senior Property Valuation Protection (“Senior Freeze”) Program.   These programs provide important benefits to property owners.  Here’s how:


 Who Is Entitled To An Exemption?  Some Widows, Widowers, and Totally Disabled      

Persons Age 18 or over, may be eligible.

 If Qualified, How Does One Benefit? The “Assessed Value” of your property may be reduced up to $4,047 of “Assessed Value”.

 Is the Exemption For My House Only?  No, the Exemption is applied to Real Estate first, then to a Manufactured Home or Mobile Home, and lastly, to an Automobile.

 What Are The Qualifications?  You must be a Resident of Arizona and Total Assessed Value of your Property in Arizona cannot exceed $27,498.

 Qualifying Household Income cannot exceed $33,722, if no children under 18 years of age reside in the Household, or

Qualifying Household Income cannot exceed $40,456, if children under 18 years of age reside in the Household. 

 The Disability must be total and permanent and certified by an Arizona Licensed Physician.

 Documents Required With Application: 

 Disabled Persons: Medical Certificate from an Arizona Licensed Physician on a Form Available from the Gila County Assessor’s Office.

 Widows and Widowers: Copy of Spouse’s Death Certificate and you must have been a Resident of Arizona at the time of death.

Applications are accepted January through March 1st each year.

If you are already receiving a Widow, Widower or Disability Exemption, you only need to contact the Assessor’s office if your phone number, mailing address or your status changes or if your income exceeds the current year’s limits (see limits above).


Benefit: ‘Freezes’ the Limited Property Value of a primary residence owned by seniors (age 65+) for three years. Owner must have resided in the primary residence for at least two (2) years prior to application.

Only the limited property value is “frozen.”  Taxes are not “frozen” and will continue to be levied at the same rate as all other properties in the taxing district.

Qualifying Criteria:

Ownership: Applicant must own the property.


Property must be the primary residence of the taxpayer. ‘Primary Residence’ is defined as the residence which is occupied by the taxpayer for nine (9) months of the calendar year.

Owner must have resided in the primary residence for at least two (2) years prior to application.

If the primary residence is a mobile home (personal property), the applicant's name must be on the title of the property.

Age: Owner must fill out an application to apply.  At least one of the two owners must be 65 years of age. Proof of age is required.

Income Limit:  All income, taxable and non-taxable, of all owners is used to determine eligibility.  This income must be verified for three years prior to the year in which the freeze becomes effective.  The three-year average of total income cannot exceed the following limits for 2019:  

$37,584 One Owner                           $46,980 Two or more owners

Applications are accepted through September 1st each year.

To remain eligible, the owner is required to renew every 3 years. For those already on the “Senior Freeze”, the Assessor’s Office mails out renewal applications in the renewal year.

Globe Office: (928) 402-8714 / Fax: (928) 425-0408  /

Payson Office: (928) 472-7973 / Fax: (928) 468-9762