Homeowners manual Septic System 101  
"Gila County Contractor List" for Wastewater  
 Fee Schedule  
 Gray Water Brochure  
  Wastewater Ordinance  
 Pumping Chart  
Transfer of Ownership Inspection Information and forms:   
Notice of Transfer form  
Report of Inspection form    
ADEQ Program Discription   
U of A 101 to Transfer of Ownership  
Soils Forms:  
Access Authorization B-23  
ADEQ Uniform Site Investigation Report  
Notice of Intent to Discharge (NOI) forms: 
PDI Form (Pre-Development Information Request Form)  
Proposed System for Leach Lines   
Proposed System for Chambers  
System Hydraulic Profile  
Bedroom & Fixture Count  
Bedroom Definition  
Statement of Understanding Tank Replacement  
Notice of Intent to Discharge   
Alternate Feature A312-G  
Inspection Authorization B-24  
50' Well Setback Waiver  
5' Property Setback Waiver   
Wastewater setback requirements
Revew cheklist for a Tank Replacement only
Review checklist for a Conventional System  
Review checklist for an Alternative System  
Power of Attorney
Owners Affidavit form
Discharge Authorization  
Cetificate of Completion Alternative System Only  
Watertightness Test  
Request for Discharge Authorization Convention
al System Only
Clearance Letter Certification  
 Clearance Letter Certification form