Public Works Documents

Reference Materials:
   Grading and Drainage:  
    Ordinance Pre-Development Information Request
    Pre-Permit Grading and Drainage Engineering & Floodplain Use Permit Application
     Ordinance  Permit Application
     Fee Schedule  Engineering & Floodplain Use Permit Application
  Planning Assistance for Rural Areas(PARA)  
      Gila County Transportation Study Final Report January 2014
   Primitive Roads:    
     Guidelines & Petition  
   Country Dirt Roads:    
     Guidelines & Petition  
   Small Areas Transportation Study (SATS):    
     Executive Summary (large file: 11MB)  
     Final Report (caution: huge file 42MB)  Rail Study
   Adopt-A-Road Program:    
     Complete Packet  Application
     Instruction Sheet  Waiver Form
   Roadway Design:    
Survey:                                                             Rural Addressing:
   Record of Survey, Plat and Parcel Maps            Street Naming & Property Numbering Ordinance
   Survey Archive Maps
   GIS Mapping Server