Public Records Request Forms

Commercial Public Records Request Form

Commercial Public Records Request Form (fillable)

Non-Commercial Public Records Request Form

Non-Commercial Public Records Request Form (fillable)

Gila County, as a public body, and its officers are responsible for maintaining all records reasonably necessary or appropriate to maintain an accurate knowledge of their activities.  Permanent public records must be maintained in accordance with the requirements of ARS §39-101 and other state and federal laws.  Other public records must be maintained in accordance with ARS §39-121.01(B) and (C) unless properly disposed of pursuant to ARS §41-1344, §41-1347, and §41-1351. Public records include all books, papers, maps, photos and documentary materials produced or kept by a public official in pursuance of a duty or to document the activities of a public body. 

A number of legal provisions govern Gila County’s response to any request for public information, which include: The Public Records Act; ARS §39-121 through §39-124; The Open Meeting Law, ARS §38-431; various information-specific state statutes and administrative regulations designating particular information as either subject to public access or as being confidential; and, the body of law interpreting these provisions as reported in court decisions and opinions of the Arizona Attorney General.

In order to inspect or reproduce public records of Gila County, all inquiries must be made in writing using a Public Records Request form for either Commercial or Non-Commercial purposes and submitted to Public Records Request or the office from which you are requesting the records.  All records pertaining to the Board of Supervisors’ records may be requested from the Clerk of the Board. 

Commercial Purpose: Commercial Purpose is the use of a public record for the purpose of: 1) sale or resale or for the purpose of producing a document containing all or part of the copy, printout, or photograph for sale; 2) obtaining names and addresses from such public records for the purpose of solicitation; or, 3) for any purpose in which the purchaser can reasonably anticipate monetary gain from the direct or indirect use of such public record.
Commercial Purpose does not include use of public records as evidence or research in a judicial and quasi-judicial action in Arizona, or the publication of all or a portion of a public record in a newspaper for its news value. 

         Cost: The cost for a Commercial Purpose is a reasonable fee for the cost of time, equipment and personnel necessary for the reproduction and the value of the reproduction on the commercial market as determined by the department responding to the request.

Non-Commercial Purpose: Non-Commercial Purpose is the use of a public record for one’s personal use whereby it is agreed that the public records will not be used for a commercial purpose and will not be transmitted or resold to any other person or entity without specific authorization from the County’s record custodian. 
         Cost: The cost for a Non-Commercial Purpose is the cost of materials (paper, diskettes, CDs, etc.), cost of machinery to do the reproduction, and/or cost of labor to make copies. 

The standard reproduction charge for 8-1/2” x 11”, black and white copies is $0.25 per page.  The standard reproduction charge for CDs is $5.00 per CD.  A fee will be charged for the reproducing time.