Fireworks Permit Instructions

Please read the instructions and then download the application located at the bottom of the page:

A.R.S. §36-1603 - Permit for public display

A.  Each governing body may adopt reasonable rules and regulations for granting permits for supervised public displays of fireworks within its jurisdiction, by municipalities, fair associations, amusement parks and other organizations and groups.

B.  Applications for a permit shall be made in writing not less than five days (see note below) prior to the date of the display.  Every display shall be handled by a competent operator, and shall be of a character and located, discharged and fired so that it will not be hazardous to property or endanger any person.  Before a permit is granted, the operator, location and handling of the display shall be approved after investigation by the fire chief of the city or town or the sheriff of the county as is appropriate.  After a permit is granted, the sale, possession, use and distribution of fireworks for the display shall be lawful for that purpose only.  No permit is transferable or assignable. 

C.  If a community, organization or group authorized under this article to obtain a permit for a public display of fireworks desires a permit for a locality more than fifty miles from the county seat and not within the limits of an incorporated city or town, application may be made to the justice of the peace of the precinct in which that locality is situated.  The justice may issue the permit, subject to the conditions prescribed by this article, in the same manner as the board of supervisors.  The constable shall make the prescribed investigation.  The justice of the peace shall promptly report to the board of supervisors any permit issued by hnim pursuant to this subsection, and shall transmit the bond of the permitees to the board.


Application for permit must be made in writing not more than six weeks or less than five days (see note below) prior to the date of the display on the application form prescribed by the Gila County Board of Supervisors.  Failure to provide all information requested on the application including the requisite certificate of liability insurance or surety bond may be grounds for denial of the permit. 

Note:  All of the required information must be submitted to the Clerk of the Board as soon as possible in order to electronically submit the application for approval on a Board meeting agenda.  There are typically only two Board meetings per month for Board action agenda items.

The application shall be reviewed by the Sheriff and either approved or disapproved.  Approval must also be received from the fire district having jurisdiction in the area in which the fireworks display is to be held.  If the area in which the display is to be held is not within the boundaries of a fire district, evidence of the availability of services from an adjacent fire district or fire department, such as a letter from the district or department or a copy of a signed contract for services, shall be provided.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to obtain a letter of approval from the fire district or fire department.

The completed application approved by the sheriff and the fire district shall be formally approved or denied by the Board of Supervisors.

If fire restrictions have been placed on any forest within the County, if a resolution calling for fire restrictions is passed by the Board of Supervisors or by the State of Arizona, or if a declaration of a drought has been made by the Board of Supervisors or by the State of Arizona, the fireworks permit shall be denied.

Fireworks Application Available Here