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Precautionary Pre-evacuation Notification for Pinal Fire


CONTACT: Gila County Sheriff’s Office at 928-425-4449

For Immediate Release:

May 25, 2017


Based on recommendations from the Pinal Fire Incident Management Team, Gila County Sheriff’s Office is issuing a precautionary pre-evacuation notification for residents in Icehouse and Kellner Canyons,

south of the Icehouse/Kellner junction only (effective May 25, 2017). This is only a pre-evacuation notification and residents do not need to leave the area at this time. Residents of the affected area can expect local public safety personnel to be going door to door to convey pre-evacuation information to residents.

Residents should start preparations now, in order to be ready to leave the area quickly if necessary. The planned location to shelter livestock is the Burch Sale Yard. Driving from Globe on Highway 188, headed toward Roosevelt, the Burch Sale Yard is located at the very first left after the train tracks. The Burch Sale Yard is open now for residents who wish to move their livestock. The Arizona Humane Society will assist in providing shelter for pets, if necessary.

Call the Pinal Fire Incident Command Center at 928-487-0676 with any questions or visit for more information. In case of emergency, please call 9-1-1.

Sign up for Gila County’s Emergency Alert system at

Click here to view a map of the pre-evacuation area