October - November Flu Shots at Local Schools

FlutShotsOctoberNovember270x315The Gila County Public Health Department provides flu shots at local schools - each year the vaccine changes to address the current strain of flu circulating. This year’s vaccine covers four flu strains, so it is important for you to provide your child with this protection.  We provide the inactive, injectable, and preservative free vaccine only. 

If you are interested in your child participating in his/her school clinic, please fill out the forms that were sent home with your child and turn it in to either your school or local Health Department.
We will be at the following schools on the dates listed:
10-8-19 Miami Jr/Sr High School
10-15-19 Copper Rim Elementary
10-16-19 High Desert Middle School
10-17-19 Destiny School
10-21-19 Globe High School
10-22-19 Young Schools
10-23-19 Charles A. Bejarano
10-24-19 Lee Kornegay
11-5-19 Hayden Schools
11-7-19 Liberty School