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Gila County Health Department Releases 16-17 Annual Report
Click here to view.

Notification of a proposed fee increase at Russell Gulch and Buckhead Mesa Landfills

The Solid Waste Division of the Gila County Public Works Department plans to request a fee adjustment for the deposit of refuse in the County's landfills at the Gila County Board of Supervisors September 19, 2017 meeting. Staff believes that the proposed fee increase is required in order to generate sufficient revenue for all general operating expenses, future landfill expansions and the replacement of aging equipment. The last increase in fees at Gila County's Landfills was in 2008.

Proposed fee adjustments beginning October 1, 2017:

Type of Waste Current Rates  Proposed Rates 
 Household Waste  $39.41 per ton  $44.51 per ton
 Construction Demolition  $47.03 per ton  $53.12 per ton
 Minimum Charge  Less than 240 lbs. - $5.00
Greater than 241 lbs. - $5.00
plus $0.02 per lb. greater than
241 lbs.
Less than 320 lbs. - $7.50
Greater than 320 lbs. - $7.50
plus $0.022255 per lb. greater than
320 lbs. 

Questions may be directed to Sharon Winters, Landfill Manager at the following email address: A link to the complete notice is here

Posting period: July 11, 2017 through September 10, 2017


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