School Superintendent

Gila County School Superintendent

The County School Superintendent's Office is authorized by the Constitution of the State of Arizona. The County Superintendent is elected for a four-year term on a partisan ticket. A current teaching certificate is required to hold the office.

By statute, the County School Superintendent's responsibilities include fiscal services for school districts; overseeing special school elections; appointing board members to vacancies on public school and community college governing boards; serving as superintendent of county accommodation schools; and establishing and administering service programs as requested by school districts.

The staff of the Gila County School Superintendent's Office is committed to providing quality customer service to the school districts as well as promoting quality education in Gila County. In addition, the County Schools Office remains open to the interests and concerns of Gila County educators, administrators, students, parents, and constituents.

Current News:

Candidate packets for school and college governing board elections are now available.  Please click HERE for more information.

AZ Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas hosts public meeting in Gila County on Thursday, July 21.  Read announcement HERE

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