Gila County Employee Benefits


Health insurance is available to employees on the first month after thirty days of employment. Regular status employees working 30 hours or more per week are eligible for insurance.

County employees are insured by the Arizona Local Government Employee Benefit Trust (which utilizes the Blue Cross/Blue Shield network of providers). Single or family coverage is available. Prescription coverage is included.

There are two plans of dental coverage to choose from.

The County offers one vision plan. There is no deductible.


There is mandatory participation in the following retirement systems:
Employee Contribution
Employer Contribution
 Correctional Officers Retirement Plan*    
Medical/Detention Positions 8.41% ** 
                   Probation Positions 8.41% ** 
Public Safety Personnel Retirement System* 7.65% ** 
*Rates are set by Arizona Revised State Statute and valid through June 30, 2018.
**Normal retirement benefit is calculated using a set formula and is not dependent upon employee/employer contributions.

Please note that participation in a State Retirement plan is dependant upon the employee's position and status.

Paid Leave

Annual Leave accruals are based on length of service and number of hours worked each week. Full-time employees earn 10 days a year during the first four years of employment. Part-time employees earn Annual Leave at a proportionate rate.

Full-time employees earn 10 days a year of Sick Leave. Part-time employees earn Sick Leave at a proportionate rate.

Regular status employees receive 10 paid holidays per year. A list of holidays can be found here.