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Lost & Found

Lost & Found

Everyday animals get lost. Sometimes it's an unfortunate accident which allows them to get away. Other times it's the result of human carelessness.

Often an animal control officer sees a dog wandering in a neighborhood and impounds it or "picks it up". Many times the owner assumes the dog or cat "ran away" or "was stolen". They don't consider the possibility that their pet is at the shelter.

If you lose a pet, call Gila County Animal Control at (928) 425-5882 and report it. If we have impounded your dog or cat, you can get it back right away.

If we don't have your pet, we will compare your pet's description with animals that are impounded or called in as found.


Lost & Found Dog  cat_1
dog_2 Lost & Found Cat is a link to the animals that are impounded at the shelter. Not all animals photos are available on the website due to the condition of the animal.