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On January 6, 2004, the Gila County Board of Supervisors approved Ordinance #04-01, Environmental Health – Food Service Worker and Food Service Manager Training.  This ordinance establishes minimum training requirements for food service workers and food service managers who perform duties directly or indirectly related to preparation of food or drink intended for human consumption.

Beginning on September, 15, 2014, the hard-copy food hander card (FHC) test will no longer available. The FHC course and exam is accessible through State Food Safety HERE ( The fee for this course and test is $20.00 and is paid online. To find out answers to commonly asked questions, please click HERE, and check out State Food Safety's Informational Flyer. For customer service regarding billing or certificate questions, please click HERE.

Certified Food Service Managers – All food establishments must have a Certified Food Service Manager on staff and available at all times of operation. This training and certification is done by private outside vendors. Please contact one of the approved vendors to arrange training and certification. Currently, Gila County does not offer this course; however to find out more information for the Food Service Manager course and certification, visit ServSafe's webpage HERE.