Health Services


To file file a complaint by phone at 928-474-1210 in Payson or 928-402-8811 in Globe. You will be asked preliminary questions, such as the location of the concern, description of the concern, and when the concern occurred (if it is still happening). We do ask your name and contact number, which always remains confidential. This information is only accessed by Gila County staff members directly involved in investigating your complaint. While your name and contact number is voluntary, it helps allows us to update you on the status of your complaint and get more information about the complaint if necessary.

The Environmental Health staff will accept and investigate complaints regarding the following general public health nuisances:
  • Flies and fly breeding areas
  • Mosquito breeding areas
  • Conditions that will promote the harborage and breeding of mice or rats
  • Household garbage uncontained or improperly stored on private property
  • Accumulated manure or animal droppings that are causing fly breeding conditions
  • Suspected food-borne illness
  • Unsanitary conditions at regulated facilities, including motels/hotels, and restaurants.
  • Smoke Free Arizona complaints

The Environmental Health staff can not investigate complaints regarding the following:

  • General odors
  • Conditions inside of a private home
  • Noise
  • Mold
  • The number or condition of animals kept on private property (call the Animal Control Department at (928) 425-5882, or online at
  • Junk or junk vehicles stored on private property (call the Community Development Department at (928) 402-4224)
  • Sewage that is overflowing onto the surface of the ground (call the Wastewater Department at (928) 474-9276)