Animal Control

Services & Fees


  • Enforcement of all Arizona state laws under chapter 7 article 6 sections 11-1001 through 11-1027 and County ordinances
  • Issuing of licenses (dog tags)
  • Housing of unwanted strays and/or dogs at large
  • Investigating all reported animal bites and possible rabies exposures
  • Housing all animals brought to Gila County Rabies Control
  • Providing low cost rabies clinics for the citizens of both Northern and Southern Gila County
  • Investigating complaints of animal abuse, neglect, dog at large, wild animal in rural area i.e. skunks, coyotes too close to people inhabited area
 Fees:  (Prices Effective December 1, 2013)

Adoptions - Adoption fee includes: rabies vaccine, license, spay/neuter deposit, microchip/registration (cats do not require licensure per Arizona state law, license fee is waived on cats; microchipping is optional for cats only when adopting)  
 Cats Male Cats - $70       

Female Cats - $75



Male Puppies (under 3 months) - $90
(No rabies vaccine or license too young for shot)

Female Puppies (under 3 months) - $100
(No rabies vaccine or license too young for shot)

Male Dogs 3 months & older - $145     

Female Dogs 3 months & older - $155

Licenses - Licenses are valid for 1 year, you must renew and buy a new tag every year, even if you have the three year rabies vaccine, you still need a new license every year. If you are late renewing, you could face a penalty fee adding to the normal cost of the license. Penalties do add together the longer you wait. To renew your license online, click here.

Altered License (Spayed or Neutered)  $10 per year

License (Not Spayed or Neutered)   $30 per year

Penalty  $2

Duplicate License   $5 

Impound - If your animal is picked up and brought to the shelter there are fees associated with that, you must pay to get your animal back. If your animal is licensed and has current tags on, it will save you money considerably. Always keep your animals current on their vaccines and licenses, it is ordered by law. If your animal is a repeat offender and continually is picked up, the impound offense goes up in price each time.
Impound - $20 first offense, $45 second offense, $85 third offense

Boarding -$10 per day

Quarantine Boarding - $20 per day
Other Services/Fees

Owner request animal pick up - $50

Cat trap rental - $5 per day

Skunk trap rental - $5 per day

Skunk Removal - $15

Kennel Permit - $75 per year      

Recovery Fee - $50 (Fee added when you reclaim your animal from our facility and opt to not have the animal spayed/neutered.)