Food & Health Inspections for Businesses

Smoke Free Arizona

General Environmental Health 

Gila County Environmental Health Services provides education, consultation, plan review, permitting and inspection services to the general public as well as the regulated community. Some examples of facilities that Gila County Environmental Health Services regulates include, public and semi-public swimming pools, public accommodations such as hotels and motels, food establishments such as restaurants, bars, grocery stores, school cafeterias, day care kitchens and mobile/temporary food vendors. Gila County Environmental Health Services also investigates citizen's complaints and nuisance situations to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all Gila County residents. 

Smoke Free Arizona  

In November of 2006, the citizens of Arizona made their voices heard by passing the Smoke-Free Arizona Act A.R.S. §36-601.01. This landmark statute prohibits smoking in most enclosed public places and places of employment including (but not limited to):

  • Restaurants, bars, grocery stores, or any establishment that serves food
  • Office buildings and work areas such as conference rooms, employee lounges, classrooms, and private offices
  • Healthcare facilities, hospitals, healthcare clinics, and doctor’s offices
  • Company-owned or employer-owned vehicles during working hours if the vehicle is occupied by more than one person
  • Enclosed common areas in hotels and motels
  • Lobbies, elevators, restrooms, reception areas, halls, stairways, and any other enclosed common-use areas in public and private buildings including condominiums and other multiple-unit residential facilities
  • Tribes are Sovereign Nations. The Smoke-Free Arizona Act has no application on Indian reservations as defined in A.R.S. §42-3301 (2).
More information is available at Smoke Free Arizona or you can contact them by phone at 1-877-429-6676.