Emergency Management

What is Emergency Managment?

Emergency Management is a system of plans designed to handle, or manage, large-scale emergencies and disasters. These can be natural, technological or man-made. Emergency Management can be divided into four parts or phases:  mitigation (prevention), preparedness, response and recovery. Actions are taken not only to prevent or reduce the frequency of disasters, but also to reduce the impacts of disasters. In the event that a disaster does occur, Emergency Management acts to coordinate response personnel and resources to address immediate damage and assists in recovery efforts to return the community back to its pre-disaster state.
Watch The Essential Emergency Manager video by the NY-NJ-CT-PA Regional Catastrophic Planning Team for a great description of how Emergency Management works.

Emergency Operations Center (EOC)
The Gila County Emergency Operations Center manages the coordination of   resources and personnel  before, during and after an emergency or disaster.
   - Planning, Training & Exercise
   - Response
   - Recovery
   - Mitigation

Gila County Emergency
Alert Program


Gila County has partnered with mass notifications provider Everbridge to provide immediate alerts of hazards and emergencies in your specific area. Be informed of all late-breaking events with any combination of voice, email, or text message.


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