Payson Regional Justice Court

Forms and Filing Fees

AZ Filing Fees Schedule

Filing Fee(s) Schedule


                                                                   CIVIL FORMS
 Complaint  Defendent Check List
 Plaintiff Check List  Defendant Answer
 Summons  Counterclaim
 Notice to Defendent (required)  Counterclaim Answer
 Default Instructions  Motion to Continue
 Application for Default  Subpoena
 Request for default judgment without hearing  
 Voluntary Dismissal  Fee Waiver Forms
                                                               EVICTION ACTION
Landlord Tenant Act  
Plaintiff Instructions Defendant Instruction
Complaint Answer
Writ of Restitution  
 Civil Cases & Small Claims Forms
Plaintiff Check List Defendent Check List
Complaint Answer
Instructions for Default Counterclaim
Application for entry Default Answer to Counterclaim
Evidence of Service  
  Request for Continuance
  Voluntary Dissmissal
                                                          POST JUDGEMENT FORMS
Garnishment of Earnings  
Writ of Execution  
 Request for Traffic Hearing in Absentia     
Criminal Case Forms
Traffic Criminal Plea (by Mail)  
Eviction Action / Forcible Detainer Forms
Complaint   Request for Repairs Letter doc
Summons - Eviction  Request for Repairs (Health/Safety) doc
Summons - Forcible Detainer  Request for Security Deposit Refund doc
Writ of Restitution  
General Use Forms 
 Notice of Change of Address  
 Wage Garnishment Forms
 Creditor's Garnishment Report  
 Garnishment Non-Exempt Earning Statement  
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