Payson Regional Justice Court

Forms and Filing Fees

AZ Filing Fees Schedule

Filing Fee(s) Schedule


Forms are currently available through AZTurboCourt
for Civil Lawsuits, Small Claims, and Eviction Actions


come into our office to pick up the forms at:

 Payson Regional Justice Courts
714 S. Beeline Hwy.  #103
Payson, AZ  85541


 Civil Cases & Small Claims Forms
 Application for Default and Entry  
 Request for Traffic Hearing in Absentia     
Criminal Case Forms
Traffic Criminal Plea (by Mail)  
Eviction Action / Forcible Detainer Forms
Complaint   Request for Repairs Letter doc
Summons - Eviction  Request for Repairs (Health/Safety) doc
Summons - Forcible Detainer  Request for Security Deposit Refund doc
Writ of Restitution  
General Use Forms 
 Notice of Change of Address  
 Wage Garnishment Forms
 Creditor's Garnishment Report  
 Garnishment Non-Exempt Earning Statement  
 This link takes you to the Self-Service Forms provided by the Supreme Court


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