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No weapons, No babies in courtroom, No food or drinks (except water in a sealed container).
Remove hats when entering the courtroom, Turn off cell phones while in the courtroom.

July/August 2015
The Globe Regional Justice Court will not open until 9:00 a.m. on the 2nd Friday of each month for Staff Development.

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daily calendar 

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Office Open
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Staff meeting  


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Globe Regional Court Schedule

Check-In at the counter before entering the courtroom, if you have official business. No weapons, No food or drinks, except water in a sealed container, No babies in courtroom. Remove hats when entering the courtroom. Turn off cell phones while in the courtroom.


  8:30 am    

In Custody Arraignments/Initial Appearances. They are done over a video from the courthouse to the jail. This is the time victims on those arrests can appear.


  9:30 am
  4:30 pm

Trial Day


  9:30 am  

Civil Traffic Hearings (usually the 2nd & 4th Tuesday)
Civil pre-trial conferences are held.


  1:30 pm

OPEN COURT: Appear for citations, orders to show cause, and other  ordered court apperances. 


  12:30 pm 

In Custody appearance for defendants.


  1:30 pm

Pre-trial conferences with the County Attorney and defendants who have not retained an attorney or had an attorney appointed by the court. Defendants handle their own case. At that time the County Attorney will provide police reports, witnesses, etc. and offer each defendant a plea  agreement which can be accepted or rejected. If unable to reach a plea agreement with the County Attorney, the case is set for trial. 


 9:30 am
 4:30 pm

Trial Day


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