Clerk of the Court

Optional: Requesting Temporary Orders (Post-Decree)

Requesting Emgerency Temporary Orders without Notice 

 Use the Forms in this Packet ONLY if the following factors apply to your situation:
 Packet: Emgerency Temporary Orders without Notice
  • You have already filed, or at the same time you file these papers you will be filing, a “regular” request for modification of legal decision making and/or parenting time, AND:

  • Someone is about to cause serious, immediate bodily harm to another person, or the health, safety, and welfare of a person is otherwise in serious and immediate jeopardy, AND

  • You can give very specific facts about:

    • what the emergency is,

    • why the judge should hear your case before everyone else who has been waiting to see a judge,

    • why the situation is so serious that the court should take someone’s minor child(ren) away without providing:

      • advance notice explaining why, OR

      • opportunity for the person to defend his or her rights to the minor child(ren)

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