Clerk of the Board

Clerk Responsibilities

The Gila County Clerk of the Board of Supervisors is a County officer, as enumerated in A.R.S. §11-401(A) and is appointed by the Board of Supervisors.  In Gila County, the Clerk of the Board has the responsibility of overseeing all of the administrative responsibilities, which are as follows:
  • Preparation of the agendas for the Board of Supervisors’ meetings, taking the minutes at the Board meetings, and writing the minutes and preserving them for the permanent record of the County;
  • Processes contracts, agreements, liquor license applications, bingo licenses, fireworks applications, and appointments of County Boards, Commissions, Committees and precinct committeemen.
  • Responsible for documents received and generated by the Board of Supervisors and also has various statutory responsibilities related to Board actions and duties.
  • Processes and sells tax-delinquent properties for the Board of Supervisors.  This includes advertising, scheduling and conducting public auctions, sealed bid sales, and preparation and recording of quit-claim deeds.
  • Coordinates the Board of Equalization hearings with the Assessor’s Office, Board of Supervisors and the citizens for review of appeals of property valuations and prepares and takes minutes of the Board of Equalization meetings.  
  • Processes all cable and utility franchise applications and ensures that license compliance and contractual obligations are met.
  • Handles a variety of special projects on behalf of the Board of Supervisors and the County Manager.