Clerk of the Board

2011 Board Meeting Agendas, Results and Minutes

  • Agendas will usually be posted by Thursday afternoon before the following Tuesday Board of Supervisors' meeting.  To review the agendas click on the "Agendas" link and then at the top select the month and year you wish to review:  Agendas for the Board of Supervisors' Meetings
  • The actions taken by the Board of Supervisors for each meeting will be posted within 36 hours after the meeting.  To see those results, the link is the same as the Agenda link above.  Once you are on the Agenda page, click on the blue link for the meeting date for which you wish to see the results and the results are listed on the right side of each agenda item.  Note that there are no meeting results for work sessions as no action is taken by the Board:  Results
  • Minutes will be posted after approval by the Board of Supervisors.  To view the Minutes, please see the links located in the table below.
  • To listen to an audio of the 2011 meetings, click on the link below and then click on the date of the meeting you would like to hear:  Audio of Board of Supervisors' Meetings
 Meeting Date  Meeting Type   Minutes  
01/04/11 Regular Minutes
01/18/11 Regular Minutes
01/25/11 Work Session & Special Minutes
02/01/11 Regular Minutes
02/15/11 Regular Minutes
02/24/11 Work Session Minutes
03/01/11 Regular Minutes
03/03/11 Special Minutes
03/15/11 Regular Minutes
03/29/11 Work Session Minutes
04/05/11 Regular  Minutes
04/12/11 Work Session  Minutes
04/19/11 Regular Minutes
04/26/11 Work Session  Minutes
05/03/11 Regular Minutes
05/17/11 Regular Minutes
05/31/11 Work Session Minutes
06/07/11 Regular Minutes
06/21/11 Work Session Minutes
06/28/11 Regular Minutes
07/05/11 Regular Minutes
07/12/11 Work Session Minutes
07/20/11 Special Minutes
08/02/11 Regular Minutes
08/15/11 Regular Minutes
08/23/11 Work Session Minutes
09/06/11 Regular Minutes
09/13/11 Work Session Minutes
09/20/11 Regular Minutes
09/27/11 Work Session Minutes
10/03/11 Regular Minutes
10/11/11 Special Minutes
10/18/11 Regular Minutes
11/01/11 Regular Minutes
11/08/11 Work Session Minutes
11/15/11 Regular Minutes
12/06/11 Regular Minutes
12/20/11 Regular Minutes