Board of Supervisors

Gila County Ordinances

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Animal Control -- Barking Dogs -- Ordinance No. 01-4 

Animal Control -- Bear Contact -- Ordinance No. 01-1 

Animal Control -- Dogs Running at Large -- Ordinance No. 01-3

Building Code Ordinance No. 2014-03 

Clean and Lien -- Ordinance No. 08-02

Environmental Health Food Service -- Ordinance No. 04-01

Floodplain Management Ordinance

Grading and Drainage -- Ordinance No. 08-01

Hearing Officer Rules of Procedure -- Ordinance No. 05-01

Minor Land Division Ordinance

Motor Vehicle Removal During Snow Removal Season -- Ordinance No. 98-3

Open Outdoor Fire -- Ordinance No. 11-02

Outdoor Light Control Ordinance

Right-Of-Way -- Ordinance No. 02-01

Street Naming and Property Numbering -- Ordinance No. 11-03

Subdivision Regulations Ordinance

Wastewater -- Ordinance No. 2014-02

Zoning Ordinance
          Deleting the reference to D40 Density District -- Ordinance No. 2015-03
          Establishing a Definition for Accessory Dwelling Units -- Ordinance No. 2015-04      
          Rezoning Parcel No. 205-08-005 -- Ordinance No. 2015-05