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Tim R. Humphrey, Vice Chair

Tim_Humphrey_for-webTim R. Humphrey
Gila County District 2 Supervisor

Elected to the Board of Supervisors on November 8, 2016, Tim R. Humphrey began his term on January 4, 2017.  His fellow board members elected him Vice-Chairman on January 10, 2017.  Supervisor Humphrey was born in New Mexico, but has spent most of his life in Gila County and he calls it home.

Supervisor Humphrey’s experience as a small business owner for over thirty years brings a businessman’s point of view to running Gila County Government.  He is proud to have served his community on the Gila County Industrial Development Authority (IDA) Board, the Advisory Committee for Gila Community College, the Board of Directors for the Boys and Girls Club, and the Globe-Miami Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. He is also a member of the Miami Rotary Club.

As a member of the Board of Supervisors, Supervisor Humphrey also serves on the Correctional Officers Retirement Plan Local Board for Sheriff’s Office Detention Officers & Non-Uniformed Officers, Gila County Local Emergency Planning Committee, CAG (Central Arizona Governments) Regional Council, Gila Community College Allied Health Care Advisory Committee, and the Gila Community College Industry and Mining Advisory Committee.

In his spare time, Supervisor Humphrey likes to pursue his passion for art.  He creates sandstone art that he donates to fundraising events that benefit local charities and community programs.  Each piece is hand drawn, etched, and burnt by him.  He also enjoys the great outdoors and being surrounded by nature and he tries to work that into his busy schedule whenever possible.

Supervisor Humphrey is also the father of two beloved daughters.


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