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 Campaign Finance Documents

          Campaign Finance Report Filing Deadlines     Updated July 9, 2012

          Campaign Finance Report Form

          Campaign Finance Report Form - No Activity

          Financial Disclosure Statement

          Political Action Committee Information

          Political Committee Termination Statement

          Secretary of State Campaign Finance Handbook

          Secretary of State Financial Disclosure Handbook

 Candidate Documents

          $500 Threshold Exemption Statement

          Candidate Calendar including Filing Deadlines

          Candidates Who Have Filed

          Financial Disclosure Statement

          Gila County Candidate Handbook

          Nomination Paper - Nomination Other Than By Primary

          Nomination Paper - Non Partisan Candidate

          Nomination Paper - Partisan Candidate

          Nomination Paper - Write-In Candidate

          Petition Form - Nomination Other Than By Primary

          Petition Form - Non Partisan Candidate

          Petition Form - Partisan Candidate

          Petition Signature Requirements

          Precinct Committeeman Candidate Packet

          Special District Candidate Packet

          Statement of Organization

 Elected Officials Documents

          County Elected Officials

          Federal Elected Officials

          State Elected Officials

          Precinct Committeemen - Democrat

          Precinct Committeemen - Republican

 Election Date Documents

          Election Dates 2012

          Election Dates 2013

          Election Dates 2014

 Election Services - City and Town Documents

          Master IGA Form

          Master Menu of Services Form

 Election Services - Special District Documents

          ARS §48-902 Authorization for Improvement District

          Candidate Calendar including Filing Deadlines

          Master IGA Form

          Master Menu of Services Form

          Nomination Paper - Nonpartisan Candidate

          Oath of Office

          Petition Form - Nonpartisan Candidate

          Special District Board Member Resignation and Appointment Procedure

          Special District Candidate Packet

          Special District Listing

 Initiative, Referendum and Recall Documents

          Application for Initiative or Referendum Serial Number

          Application for Recall Serial Number

          Petition for Initiative

          Petition for Recall

          Petition for Referendum

          Secretary of State Initiative, Referendum and Recall Handbook

 Map Documents

          Interactive Maps

          PDF Format Maps

 Poll Worker Resource Documents

          Guidelines for Electioneering and Conduct at the Polls

          Help Gila County Vote! Sign up to be a Poll Worker

          Poll Worker Training Manual      (Primary Election Manual in process)

          Polling Place List

 Redistricting 2010 Documents

          Gila County Adopted Community College Districts

          Gila County Adopted Supervisorial Districts

          Gila County DOJ Submission - Community College

          Gila County DOJ Submission - Precinct and Polling Place Changes

          Gila County DOJ Submission - Supervisorial

 Voter Question Documents

          Ballot by Mail Request Form

          Gila County Recorder

          Polling Place Listing

          Precinct Maps

          Voter Registration Form

          Voter View